*** WE'VE MOVED *** Our new address is 7 Pasco Drive, East Windsor, Unit D in East Windsor, Ct. We will re-open February 1, 2021


Q: Why do I need a consultation?
A: A consultation will give you the opportunity to have a one on one with The Hair Musician.  This brief sit down will give you a clear understanding of the service(s) you’ll be receiving.  In certain circumstances, a test look will be needed.

Q: Why are deposits required?
A: Deposits are required to ensure that the client will keep his/her appointment.  Every productive business should have some type of structure.  Deposits are a way that I personally conduct business so that my operation runs flawlessly and efficiently.

Q: How can I preserve my styles?
A: Wearing a silk/satin scarf keeps moisture in the hair.  It also helps to keep your styles neater, longer.  Wear a silk/satin scarf every night or when laying around the house.